LEDGlow Smartphone Underbody Kit with Bluetooth Control

Tech Support 856.768.5700 Ext.2 • TechSupport@LEDGlow.com 7 I NSTAL LAT I ON GU I DE Optional Courtesy Light Feature Wiring Instructions: The Courtesy Light Feature will automatically change all installed lights to white, illuminating the ground around the vehicle when the doors are opened or when the dome light is activated. To utilize the optional courtesy lights feature, use a service repair manual to identify the wire used to power the dome light. Use a test light to locate the correct wire by opening and closing the vehicle’s door. Once the correct wire has been identified, disconnect the negative side of the vehicle’s battery and use a wire connector to attach the dome light wire to the white wire from the control box. When finished, reconnect the negative side of the vehicle’s battery. Please note, some vehicles have a ground-side controlled system providing constant power to the dome light, which switches the ground on and off. This can be tested with a test light or multi-meter. There will be power on both sides of the bulb when the light is off. As soon as the light turns on there will be power on one side and a ground source on the other. If this is the case in your vehicle, set the courtesy switch type to GND on the settings page of the LEDGlow Automotive Control App. If the vehicle’s dome light circuit is controlled by power and the ground never changes, set the courtesy switch type to 12V on the settings page of the LEDGlow Automotive Control App. By default, the Courtesy Light Feature is turned off in the LEDGlow Automotive Control App. Make sure to turn it on in the app’s settings page after completing the wiring steps above. Section 10: Optional Display Module Features & Installation The Display Module serves as a physical representation of how the installed underbody kit, along with any installed add-on kits, will appear on your vehicle. The Display Module mimics all settings from the Automotive Control App and replicates them via embedded LEDs throughout the surface of the Module. Replicated settings include color, patterns, and where those lights are illuminated on the vehicle. The Display Module utilizes embedded LEDs within nine specific areas to indicate light color and patterns set to the underbody, wheel well, and interior tubes. The top of the display represents the passenger side of the vehicle, while the bottom represents the driver’s side. The vertical sections at the far left and right represent the front and rear underbody tubes on the vehicle. The corners represent the wheel well tubes. The center of the Display Module features the LEDGlow logo and four buttons which control features and settings of the kit. However, when these buttons and the logo are illuminated, they also represent the color and pattern set to an installed interior kit. Section 9: Powering the Kit 1. Connect the red power wire from the control box to a positive 12 volt source. If the wires are not long enough, extend them using 16 or 18 gauge automotive-grade wire. Alternatively, the control box can be powered directly from the vehicle’s fuse box by installing LEDGlow’s Expandable Circuit, available at www.LEDGlow.com. Find more details and installation instructions for the Expandable Circuit at www.LEDGlow.com. 2. Connect the black wire from the control box to an unpainted ground source such as the grounding block, negative post on the battery, or engine ground. 3. Reconnect the negative side of the vehicle’s battery.