LEDGlow Smartphone Underbody Kit with Bluetooth Control

8 Tech Support 856.768.5700 Ext.2 • TechSupport@LEDGlow.com I NSTAL LAT I ON GU I DE In addition to the display buttons, there is a music mode that will allow the lights to react to the sound of your stereo. When in music mode, the LEDGlow logo on the Display Module will be illuminated in red, regardless of the color set to the interior kit in the vehicle. The buttons on the Display Module, however, will be illuminated to reflect the specific settings applied to the interior tubes despite the activation of music mode. The Display Module features an ambient light sensor to control brightness. There is an auto-dimming feature built into the Display which automatically adjusts the brightness of the embedded lights according to its surrounding light. On a bright day, the Display Module will adjust itself by increasing its brightness for better visibility. At nighttime or in a dark setting, the Display Module will automatically dim itself. The Display Module was designed to offer multiple mounting capabilities on the interior of your vehicle. Due to its wire location, which exits from the back, the Module can easily be flush mounted on any flat surface. Additionally, there is a knock-out tab located on the bottom of the Display where the attached wire can exit. Positioning the wire in this way allows the Display to be surface mounted to the location of your choice. Please note, once the knock-out tab is removed, it cannot be replaced. To surface mount the Display Module, simply identify a mounting location, clean the location thoroughly with an alcohol prep pad, and mount the Display Module with 3M™ tape. Be sure to secure the power wire and keep it clear of the pedals and other moving parts within the vehicle. Route the wire through the firewall with a grommet in place and plug it into the port on the installed control box labeled “DISPLAY.” The four buttons on the Display Module are fully operational and are used to adjust the light kit’s settings. These buttons function similarly to those of the wireless remote. Detail on the function of each button can be found below: Power Button: Pressing this button will turn the kit on or off. Pressing and holding this button will turn the lights on the Display Module on or off, but the light kit will remain on. Changing Color Button: Selects from 7 solid colors: blue, green, teal, red, pink, yellow, and white. Pressing and holding this button will scroll through a million color fade but will stop when the button is released. Mode Button: Changes the current mode displayed. There are 16 distinct modes. Each press of the Mode Button will advance to the next mode. A complete list of modes can be found on page 12. Pressing and holding this button will turn music mode on or off. Speed Change Button: Selects different speeds for selected patterns. PASSENGER SIDE DRIVER SIDE Music Sensor Wheel Wells Ambient Light Sensor VEHICLE FRONT VEHICLE REAR