Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control

I N S T A L L A T I O N G U I D E Tech Support 856-768-5700 Ext. 2 • ® 4. Temporarily place the motorcycle lighting strips to their intended mounting locations and route the power wires to the planned control box mounting area. Be sure to keep the power wires away from the suspension, any direct heat sources and moving parts. A few recommended locations on your motorcycle to mount the light strips are under the gas tank, lower frame rail, rear fender frame rail, triple trees, lower swing arm, and under the seat. 5. Once the motorcycle lighting strips and wires have been mocked up, clean the proposed mounting surfaces with an alcohol prep pad. The mounting surface should be between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve the strongest bonding results from the doubled sided adhesive tape. • Note: The surface area must be free of all oils, moisture, dirt, and wax so that the supplied adhesive tape can bond and adhere to the installation surface correctly. • Optional: To achieve the most reliable bond between the lighting strips and the motorcycle, use Adhesion Tape, which is sold separately and can be purchased at . 6. Mount each lighting strip to the cleaned and dry surface of the motorcycle by using the supplied Adhesion Tape. Run the wires to the planned location of the control box and secure the wire to the bike frame by using the included zip ties. Be sure to use the zip ties, as this is an essential step and should not be skipped . Once this step is complete and the lighting strips and wires are secure, allow ample time for the adhesive to settle and cure. Repeat this step for the remaining strips included with your kit. 7. The kit uses a modular locking plug system for connecting the motorcycle lighting strips to the control box using the included wire harness. Plug the male connections from the strips and control box into the desired female connections of the harness. DO NOT SHORTEN OR CUT ANYWIRES; YOUWILL VOID THEWARRANTY . 8. Connect the red power wire from the control box to the positive terminal of the battery. If the power wire needs to be extended, be sure to use 16 or 18 gauge automotive grade wire. Be sure to reinstall the fuse within 6 inches of the battery. Connect the black ground wire to the negative terminal of the battery. 9. Connect the blue wire to the 12 volt positive brake signal wire from the tail light. Any time the brake lever or brake pedal are engaged, the kit will enter into the brake light feature. When released, the kit will return to its last setting. 10. If you removed any trim pieces for this installation, you can now reinstall them and test the functionality of your kit by pressing the on/off button on the wireless remote. 11. Reconnect the negative side of the bike’s battery. Wiring Control Box to Motorcycle Red Wire +12v Black Wire -12v Ground Blue Wire Brake Light Control 2 LEDGlow Lighting, LLC •