Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control

Tech Support 856-768-5700 Ext. 2 • ® LEDGlow Lighting, LLC • 1 I N S T A L L A T I O N G U I D E Advanced Million Color Control Box with Smartphone Control WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE WHILE OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE. THIS PRODUCT IS DESIGNED FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY. PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL AND STATE LAWS FOR THE PROPER USE OF THIS PRODUCT. Every state has different policies and procedures in place regarding aftermarket LED lighting accessories. LEDGlow is not responsible for any fines that you may receive while using this lighting kit. This kit is for off-road use only . Warning: The installation of this kit is recommended to be installed by a licensed professional. The improper installation of this kit will void all warranties. It is recommended to install each motorcycle lighting strip using Adhesion Tape, which allows for a much stronger bond between the adhesive tape of the light strip and the cleaned mounting surface of your motorcycle. Adhesion Tape is an optional installation accessory that is NOT included with your motorcycle lighting kit. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE INSTALLING AND OPERATING THIS LED MOTORCYCLE KIT. Motorcycle Kit Installation: 1. Upon receiving your new motorcycle lighting kit, we ask that you first test the kit to ensure it is functioning correctly. Plug the male connections from the strips and control box into the female connections of the harness. Connect the red power wire to the positive terminal of the battery and the black ground wire to the negative terminal of the battery. Once the wires are temporarily secure, power the kit to ensure full functionality before installing it. If everything appears to be working correctly, turn the kit off and disconnect the control box’s power and ground wires from the battery. As a safety precaution, disconnect the negative side of the bike’s battery prior to moving forward with installation. 2. Optional: Remove any trim pieces from your motorcycle that may hinder the installation of the lighting strips. 3. Begin by first laying out the LED lighting strips similar to the way they will be installed. Make sure that the wires will be able to be routed in such a way that they will not be pinched, cut, or exposed to heat. Also, keep the wires and strips away from all moving parts that may come in contact with any piece of the kit. IF A POWER WIRE IS PINCHED, IT WILL CAUSE THE KIT TO MALFUNCTION AND WILL VOID THE WARRANTY DUE TO PHYSICAL DAMAGE. • NOTE: There are two leads coming off of the Bluetooth Control Box that you can connect power harnesses to. These leads differentiate between the first zone and the second zone. Please label all of the lights you wish to have on the first zone to one lead, and all of the lights you wish to have on the second zone to the other lead. MOTORCYCLE LIGHTING KIT INCLUDES: • Bluetooth Control Box • (2) Wireless Remotes • Double-Sided Tape Pad • Zip Ties • Motorcycle LED Lighting Strips • (2) Power Harnesses