Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Lighting Kit For Harley Davidson Road Glide / Street Glide

1 LEDGlow Lighting, LLC • Tech Support 856-768-5700 Ext. 2 • INSTALLATION GUIDE WARNING:THIS PRODUCT IS DESIGNED FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL AND STATE LAWS FOR THE PROPER USE OF THIS PRODUCT. Every state has different policies and procedures in place regarding aftermarket LED lighting accessories. LEDGlow is not responsible for any fines that you may receive while using this lighting kit. Note: We recommend using a licensed professional to install this lighting kit. The improper installation of this kit will void all warranties. We recommended installing each lighting strip using Adhesion Promoter, which allows for a much stronger bond between the adhesive tape of the light strip and the cleaned mounting surface of your Street Glide. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE INSTALLING AND OPERATING THIS LED HARLEY DAVIDSON ROAD GLIDE / STREET GLIDE LIGHTING KIT. HARLEY DAVIDSON ROAD GLIDE / STREET GLIDE KIT INCLUDES: (1) Control Box (2) 3’ Extensions (2) 18” Strips (2) Wireless Remotes (2) 2” Strips Alcohol Prep Pads (1) 2pc Splitter Harness (1) 4” Strip Adhesion Promoter (1) 5pc Power Harness (8) 6” Strips Zip Ties (1) 6pc Power Harness (3) 8” Strips Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycle Add-On Power Harness (1) 2pc Add-On Harness (2) 10” Strips Double-Sided Tape for Control Box (2) 4pc Add-On Harnesses (2) 12” Strips 1. Upon receiving your new Harley Davidson Road Glide / Street Glide Lighting Kit, we ask that you first test the kit to ensure it is functioning correctly. Plug the male connections from the strips and control box into the female connections of the harnesses. Connect the red power wire to the positive terminal of the battery and the black ground wire to the negative terminal of the battery. Once the wires are temporarily secure, power the kit to ensure full functionality before installing it. If everything appears to be working correctly, turn the kit off and disconnect the power and ground wires from the battery to prepare for installation. 2. Prepare the bike for installation by removing the saddlebags, seat, and any panels that may be in your way. Note: The strips can be mounted in any area that isn’t hot or near moving parts. However, we recommend installing the light strips in the locations on page 3. 3. Recommended mounting locations: • (2) 10” strips on the gas tank. (one on each side) • (1) 2” strip under the air cleaner on the right side of the bike. • (1) 2” strip under the horn on the left side of the bike. • (2) 12” strips on the bottom of the saddlebag supports. (one on each side) • (2) 6” strips on the vertical bars of the saddle bag supports. (one on each side) • (2) 8” strips on the bottom of the swingarm. (one on each side) • (2) 18” strips under the frame rails on the bottom of the bike. (one on each side) • (2) 6” strips on the front fork covers. (one on each side) • (2) 6” strips on the front forks facing the wheel. (one on each side) • (1) 6” strip on the crash bar behind the front wheel. • (1) 6” strip on the frame down tube crossbar facing the engine. • (1) 8” strip under the headlight. • (1) 4” strip above the starter facing the engine. 4. The surface area must be free of all oils, moisture, dirt, and wax so that the supplied adhesive tape can bond and adhere to the installation surface correctly. Be sure to clean all of the mounting areas with alcohol prep pads and apply adhesion promoter to the cleaned areas. 5. Attach the strips by pressing firmly onto the desired mounting locations, and secure them with zip ties when possible. Note: Be sure to use Zip Ties to secure the lighting strips where possible. This will provide extra security to ensure the lighting strips stay in place while riding in rough conditions. 6. Starting with an 8” strip, attach it to the triple tree under the headlight. 7. Mount (1) 10” strip on each side of the front forks facing the wheel. Be sure to keep clear of brake components and moving parts. 8. Mount a 6” strip on the center of the crash bar facing the front wheel. 9. Mount a 6” strip on the frame down tube crossbar facing the engine.