LEDGlow Smartphone Underbody Kit with Bluetooth Control

Tech Support 856.768.5700 Ext.2 • TechSupport@LEDGlow.com 1 INSTALLATION GUIDE WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS APP OR YOUR MOBILE PHONE WHILE OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE. THIS PRODUCT IS DESIGNED FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY. PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL AND STATE LAWS FOR THE PROPER USE OF THIS PRODUCT BEFORE INSTALLATION, AS EVERY STATE HAS DIFFERENT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES REGARDING AFTERMARKET LED LIGHTING ACCESSORIES. LEDGLOW IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FINES THAT YOU MAY RECEIVE WHILE USING THIS LIGHTING KIT. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THIS KIT BE INSTALLED BY A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL. IMPROPER INSTALLATION OF THIS KIT WILL VOID ALL WARRANTIES. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE INSTALLING AND OPERATING THIS LED UNDERBODY KIT. This is a comprehensive installation guide including instructions for the 4 pc Million Color SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control along with optional add-on kits. Add-On Kits such as Truck Add-On Tubes, Interior Lights, Grille Light, Wheel Well Lights, and Display Module may be purchased separately at www.LEDGlow.com. Please feel free to skip portions of this guide that are not relevant to your specific application. The 4pc Million Color SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control and any optional add-on kits include: UNDERBODY: • (2) 36” SMD Underbody Tubes • (2) 46” SMD Underbody Tubes • Water-Resistant Control Box • 7 Port Underbody Tube Distributor Cable • Tube Brackets • Zip-ties • Screws • Display Module (Optional) OPTIONAL TRUCK ADD-ON: • (2) 24” SMD Truck Underbody Tubes • Tube Brackets • Zip-ties • Screws OPTIONAL GRILLE ADD-ON: OPTIONAL WHEEL WELL ADD-ON: OPTIONAL INTERIOR ADD-ON: • 24” SMD Grille Tube • Tube Brackets • Zip-ties • Screws • (4) 24” Flexible SMD Wheel Well Tubes • Wheel Well Distributor Cable • Zip-ties • Screws • Up to (6) 12” SMD Interior Tubes • Interior Distributor Cable • Tube Brackets • Zip-ties • Screws • 3M™ Tape