Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control

8 LEDGlow Lighting, LLC • Tech Support 856-768-5700 Ext. 2 • ® I N S T A L L A T I O N G U I D E Wireless Remote Functions This kit provides multiple lighting patterns and several brightness levels, which are easily operated using the included wireless remote. The remote includes four buttons, “A, B, C, D” Reprogramming the Wireless Remote: Make sure your Advanced Million Color Control Box with Smartphone Control is powered and the LED status indicator is solid yellow. This will indicate that your control box is now ready to be paired to your device. If the LED status indicator is red, disconnect power and reconnect. When the LED turns yellow, press and hold the A button on the remote for 5 seconds to complete the pairing process. Troubleshooting: If the kit or lights do not appear to operate, first check the installed inline mini fuse. If the fuse is blown, check the wires on the entire kit to ensure they are not cut, pinched, or scorched. If there is no damage to any of the wires and no water damage is visible to the control box, replace the fuse and test the kit again. If the inline fuse is intact, clean both the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Corrosion to the battery terminals can cause a poor connection or simulate being disconnected. For accessories, add-on kits, replacement parts, and/or Technical Support, please visit for more information. ONE YEAR NON-TRANSFERRABLE LIMITED WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER LEDGlow Lighting, LLC (“LEDGlow”) warrants to the original retail consumer purchaser, and not any other purchaser or subsequent owner, that this Product will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the purchase date. This warranty does not cover any Product that is (1) installed incorrectly, or (2) damaged by collisions, vandalism, other accidents, or similar causes. For a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, at no charge to the Purchaser, LEDGlow will repair or replace this Product if it is determined by LEDGlow to be defective. After the warranty period, the Purchaser must pay all charges for parts and labor. Coverage under this warranty is only valid within the United States, including its territories, as well as in certain other countries. Purchasers should check our website,, to determine the warranty coverage in the countries in which they are located. LEDGlow does not warrant the installation of the Product, which is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. Installation should be done by licensed professionals. Improper installation may cause damage to the Product and any vehicle in which it is installed, and may cause burns and electrical injury to individuals. LEDGlow’s warranty does not cover any expenses incurred in removing Products that are defective or re-installing replacement Products in their place. During the warranty period, to have the Product repaired or replaced, the Purchaser must return the Product, freight prepaid by the Purchaser, to LEDGlow (but for customers in the contiguous United States, LEDGlow will pay the shipping charges if any Product fails during the first thirty (30) days after purchase). The Product must be returned in its original carton or in a similar package affording an equal degree of protection. LEDGlow will return the repaired or replaced Product, freight prepaid, to the Purchaser. LEDGlow does not provide Purchasers with temporary replacement units during the warranty period or at any other time. This limited warranty is non-transferrable and will automatically terminate if the original retail consumer purchaser resells the Product or transfers the vehicle on which the Product is installed. An “original retail consumer purchaser” is a person who originally purchases the Product, or a gift recipient of a new Product that is in its original packaging and unopened. Button A: Cycles through 7 solid colors on Zone 1. • Hold to cycle through the million color option on Zone 1. Button B: Cycles through 7 solid colors on Zone 2. • Hold to cycle through the million color option on Zone 2. Button C: Cycles through the 10 Patterns. • Hold to change brightness. Button D: Cycle through 6 speed levels • Hold to turn On/Off Button A&D: Press and hold button A and D together simultaneously to activate the Hazard Mode Feature. • Press any button on the remote to return back to normal function